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" Hidden in the streets of Patong, this one of a kind dining experience is a must try if you are looking for a 5 star meal. You can’t rush your meals here, especially with their famous cheese fondue. You will be left scraping off whats left of the cheese because it is just that delicious. Other than swiss food, they have some italian choices along with european food, so there is plenty for everyone to enjoy. "




" Steak, steak , steak. Yes, the name says it all . Harry’s is the place to go for a juicy delicious steak. How can we forget about the potatoes you are always asked if you want on the side with your main course. We always look forward to it. If you’re not a fan of steak, don't worry they have other dishes like salmon and thai food. "




" Hands down the best pizza place in Phuket! A bit of a drive from Patong, Agli Amici is run by two brothers with the passion for purely pizza. It is nestled in a tiny location right next to the pier in Chalong but not too hard to reach. This place has the most authentic tasting pizzas which come in almost any topping you like and 4 different sizes. Whether you want one for yourself or you want to share it with your family, Agli Amici can do pizzas in any way you like! "


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